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Taurus 1984 is producer/songwriter/musician Alastair Jenkins and Bobby Cole, based out of the UK. Born from an adoration of 1980's pop culture, hooks and grooves, Taurus 1984 stands tall in the burgeoning retro-pop/ synthpop scene. The duo works with a regular set of artists, including Shellyann- Winner of BBC's hit Saturday night TV programme All Together now. Head judge, Spice Girls legend Geri Halliwell, describing her voice as "incredible and Magical. Taurus 1984's forthcoming album ' Modern Romance' is produced by NewRetroWave legend Michael Oakley. MTV Concept writer Keith Williams comments on 'Dream Warriors' “Such is Dream Warriors by Taurus 1984. To analyse it after a few streams is to deny it endless fascination and discovery. To find out what's actually behind all that rich electro pop sound is its reward to us, fans of the summer of '84, and lovers of music that respects and honours it.” – Keith Williams –

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